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I have worked in an around nursing homes/rehab centers for the last 27 years as a physical therapist assistant. However, this is the first one I have been admitted to for a period of time. I cannot express my appreciated for your staff in whatever capacity for being so caring and making this patient to feel motivated & dedicated to do the best I could, because I was part of the team. Excellent staff, food, cleanliness, and in general, a good place to spend time to help us reach our prior level of function. Thanks a million.


After major surgery Mom ended PT/OT and nursing care. It was difficult selecting a Skilled Nursing Facility, finding one in-network, reading online reviews (usually only bad reviews are reported) and seeing which one could accommodate her needs & had a bed available. After getting two personal reviews my husband made an unannounced visit and toured the facility with Renee who was pleasant, knowledgeable and professional. The facility was clean, up to date and didn't have that "nursing home" feel or smell like other facilities. We chose Countryview of Sunbury and haven't been disappointed. Mom stayed for three weeks and from the moment she arrived the staff was profeesional & attentive, especially her nurse, Amanda, and her aide, Carolita. When her call button was pushed, they responded right away. She had good meals 3 times a day. If rehab is needed again, I would highly recommend Countryview of Sunbury.


I'm writing in an attempt to express our gratitude for your expert care of our mom, Genevieve. This was out third chapter in our experience with Countryview Rehab. It was because of your care in our former chapters that without deliberations, we brought our beloved mom to your door. Is there any more meaningful stamp of approval than from past experience, trusting a dearly loved mom to your care? When we brought mom here, we were delighted to see that most of the familiar Countryview staff had remained. Carolita (amazing!), Betina, Cody, Annette, Nancy, Penny, Terry, Diana....we were also blessed to meet new staff members -- among them Miranda. Form her experience of personal pain, she applied her individual tricks to add to mom's comfort. I know each of you have felt deep love for someone in your life. Imagine that relief of knowing you have put that loved one on capable caring hands. That should picture for your feelings about Countryview. My family has concluded that it takes a special personality to work as a care giver. Even when you don't realize it, you are serving God my attending to the needs of His children -- espeically in the hard messy events of their lives. We have been the recipients and witnesses of your loving care and we are cheering you on, with everlasting gratitude for your care given to Schrade, to me, and to our precious mom.

Radtke Family

I simply am not able to adequately express my gratitude for the support of my mother Elsie while she was in your care. Everyone in the facility truly cared about her well-being and communicated openly and frequently about her current state, progression. When I came to visit, there was always information on how Elsie had been and immediate attention given to any of my needs or concerns. I honestly believe she was in the best place she could have been for the type of support she, as well as, my family needed. You are truly courageous individuals with the daily challenges you face. Your commitment to residents and family support is second to none. I feel blessed that we were able to have Elsie in your facility and care during this time.


Country View is a wonderful nursing home! Both of my parents are residents at Country View, and I can't imagine them being anywhere else! The staff always treats my parents with love and respect. They always communicate with me when changes occur with both of my parents' care. The nurses always make time for my incessant questions and truly seem to care about my parents' well-being and overall health. The aides seem to be very kind and caring when changing my mom, and they treat her with the dignity that she deserves.

Ms. Kramer

Country View is a wonderful nursing home! Both of my parents are residents at Countryview and I can't imagine them being anywhere else! The staff always treat my parents wiht love and respect, always communicate with me when changes occur with both of my parents' care. The nurses always make time for my incessant questions and truly seem to care about my parents' well-being and overall health. The aides seem to be very kind and caring when changing my mom, and treat her with the dignity my mom deserves.


I am the legal guardian of two residents at Country View of Sunbury and I have been nothing but impressed with resident care and support services. My wards have been both professionally and lovingly attended to and cared for. The social workers, nurses and finance coordinator have been extremely thorough and prompt during our planning and coordination.


Everyone at Country View is very kind. They treat my mother like a person. I appreciate everything and everyone! As far as I'm concerned, Country View is the best in Ohio.


Upon arrival, my mom was warmly welcomed and her room was clean and ready. Her day-to-day care was efficient and any questions/concerns were quickly taken care of. Physical therapy was timely and mom felt very involved on an almost daily basis. The entire facility seemed clean and organized. Mom also felt all the food was very good. We would definitely recommend this facility!


I am so happy I found Country View for my husband's rehab. The nurses have been so nice to my husband during his rehab. All of the staff have been exceptionally nice too. Therapy people were great working with him daily and getting him strong again! Everyone seems happy to be here! I really appreciate all of the help and information given to me by Penny in social services! I couldn't have made it through without her! Great place to rehab honestly!


I was very impressed with the staff here at Country View. From the first day we arrived the staff has been very attentive to not only my mother, but also our family during this though transition. I would highly recommend this facility to any family looking for a place for their loved one.


I have been in your facility one week and I want to share that your facility is a very nice place to be for rehab! Beautiful facility! I am enjoying the physical therapy with all the therapists, they are so kind and helpful! The nurses and aides are super! Social Worker has helped me! The. 3 meals have been delicious! I just don't want to leave anyone out! Everyone has been patient with me everyday and so kind! I would recommend your facility highly! God bless all"


Dear Lauren,

My family and I wish to thank you and the entire staff at Country View of Sunbury for the excellent care you provided to my mother while she was there. We feel so lucky to have found Country View when my mom was unexpectedly forced to relocate from her previous location. You and your staff made the transition seamless and stress-free and mom immediately felt at home. In the year she resided at Country View before her death, she enjoyed the many activities offered and made new friends. When we visited, the staff was always friendly and courteous and went out of the way to make mom feel special. It was obvious that she was happy and well cared for and that meant a lot. We truly appreciate everything and wanted you to know that what you do really makes a difference. We would recommend Country View of Sunbury to anyone. Thank you so much.


Charles R.

To the caring staff at Country View of Sunbury,

Thank you for all your love and care during my Mother's stay in the Memory Care Unit. It was obvious that everyone cared deeply about the residents and their families. Thank you, also, for the gorgeous lily sent after her passing. It is so beautiful. I have potted it and will enjoy it for many years to come, I hope.
Although we didn't get an opportunity to meet many of the staff who cared for my Mother, I could "feel" the love and caring that you extended to both Mother and myself during her time there.
Finally, we are so grateful that my brothers, their wives, and my husband were able to say goodbye to her in person. It meant so much to all of us.

With much respect and appreciation,

Martha M's Family

You are appreciated!! Thank you! I started as a guardian back in 2013. I was assigned Miss Margaret immediately; she was located in Country View of Sunbury. When my girls (age 4 & 5 at the time) I explained to them we would be going to a nursing facility, it will be sad with an overall negative, fell. I have experienced nursing homes before with that sickly, desperate, and depressing feel. We arrived at CV and I cannot explain how incredible the feel is! The staff, through all those years, were kind, patient; they sincerely care about these residents. My visits have always been random, with no rhyme or reason and every visit the staff and cleanliness has been consistent. The nurses have kept in regular contact with me, always genuine. One person in particular has always gone above and beyond which is Penny. She is immensely appreciated, she is a diamond in the rough. Don’t think all nursing facilities are the same level or that they are all terrible. Country View is a wonderful home for so many residents.


Several months ago my wife passed away here at Country View. I said at the time she ever needed care this is where I would come. 15 days ago I was admitted to rehab after our 11 day hospital stay. I am so very happy to say the care has been wonderful and highly successful. The professionalism, kindness, and true feelings of caring is what makes this place so special. I would recommend Country View to everyone who has a loved one that you want to have the best of care given with true feelings of kindness. What makes this place so special? It is all the people who work here.


We want to thank the staff at Country View for their excellent support and dedication. While Ann B. (our aunt) was at the facility, she received the best care possible. We sincerely thank all of you for the kindness and care you give all your patients.

Paul and Barbara

My husband was in rehab at Country View for 6 weeks. From the day he entered, he was given the most professional and loving treatment from an excellent staff of truly caring people. The nurses are well-educated, interested in each patient, and always have time to answer questions and requests. The aides are smiling and willing to help, no matter how busy they may be. The office staff will go out of their way to explain and tend to any extra requests you may have. The physical therapy department is patient and willing to go an extra mile for each resident. My husband's recovery was difficult, but due to the excellent care he received, he is now home and is continuing his recuperation. We will always be grateful to the outstanding staff at Country View of Sunbury.


Hands down Country View has some of the best nursing staff around. The aides truly care for the residents as if they're their own family. The facility is clean and well cared for. Everyone works well together and supports each other's mission to give great care.


All of the nurses and nurses aides were very kind and respectful. I was treated very well. I highly recommend this facility for anyone who needs to go to a rehab facility. We hope all of you have a happy New Year. Also, Michelle is the best ever.

Hall Family

The staff here has been very helpful and very attentive. I do not believe I would have recovered as well as I have without their help especially the physical therapy team, the aides and the nursing staff. Michelle, my night aide, has helped me immensely. Misty has been a big help with my showers, as well as Rachel. They are all very well trained. Drew was also very good.

Deanna K.

I want to let everyone know that everyone here was wonderful. I was treated like family. One person that stool out to me was my night time aid Michelle. She was amazing. Country View was great. I would not change a thing. My favorite person is Misti Moran. She would always come in dancing and singing, it would make my day. She is a very special person. She is full of smiles and love. She is wonderful. One other person that helped me a lot was Rachel. She was so nice and helped me so much.

Beverly J.

My father came to this facility after a stay in the hospital for rehab. From day one the entire staff was super friendly and super caring and highly responsive to his needs. They took excellent care of my father and I would highly recommend this facility to anyone looking for care. The food was good the facility was clean and well maintained. The rooms were cleaned everyday. We have used other facilities before and I wish I would have known about this facility sooner. Please do your loved one's a favor and consider this facility the next time you need one

Shirley P.